Gardening 101

So much to say, so little time to say it. That’s how I feel lately. I know my life isn’t that busy, but boy does it feel busy. Today I wanted to update ya’ll on my gardening adventure. This time focused on the veggie/fruit garden. This is my first year attempting to grow veggies and I’ve already learned some important things. 

1. Good ideas aren’t always good ideas. The whole US has been experiencing warmer than usual temperatures in many parts this year. Back in May I decided enough was enough and I needed to plant my seeds. I was already about a month behind the time that I should have planted them. 

All sorts of yummy goodness right there! Well since we were experiencing temps in the 90s back in may I decided to plant them inside. I used egg cartons and seed starters to place the seeds into. 

Turns out those seed starters were upside down! Lol! The ones where you can see a small hole in the middle were placed correctly. So I flipped them all over and then started placing my seeds in them. I did one seed per soil pod. I can’t remember exactly what the soil discs are called. They’re super flat, and you pour water on them and they expand. Forgot to take a picture before I threw the packaging away… first lesson learned here (besides making sure you put them in the container correctly)! Better to plant a couple/few seeds rather than just one. Not all seeds will sprout. So if you only plant one you might end up with nothing. 

2. There is something to be said about your environment. Now not even 1 week after I planted the seeds there was significant growth. 

I had these in our spare room. They were doing amazing. So I knew I had to get them outside. Problem was, our yard wasn’t ready. We didn’t have time to make raised beds. I wanted to buy some, however my car died and we had to get a new to us one. So no extra money for nice premade beds. Hmmm. Think outside the box. Think outside the box. Pools!!!  My husband and I drove to Target as they were having a sale on kiddie pools. My poor husband. I picked out a bright pink and bright orange one. 😁 He loves me! 💗

Got them home, planted the seeds, then watered them nice and good. Less than one week later… all dead! See, I had started the seeds in a controlled environment.  They weren’t growing strong inspite of they’re environment. They were growing strong because of their environment. Works great for somethings/some people. Not so much for veggies and fruit. Should have known. I’m from Iowa. Farm country. My grandma didn’t start her corn in the house. She just planted outside and boom! Corn! Well, technically months later, but you get it! 

3. Starting over isn’t a bad thing. I was super frustrated. So I left the garden alone for a week. Then I felt guilty that I had invested in organic seeds for my garden and I should not give up so easily. So I went back outside and planted all my seeds. Bwahahahahahaha! Ummm, I have a green thumb. So maybe planting all the seeds wasn’t a good idea. These pictures were taken yesterday. 

Yeah. They’re even bigger today. Lol. Oh well, the more the merrier!! I will take some pictures this weekend for an update. 

Just remember this: you don’t know till you try. Some ideas work, some don’t. Just try again. Keep at it. Learn through it. Keep trying. Don’t let it knock you down. Maybe you’ll end up with more than planned, and I hope so! Then I can share the blessings with others. 

Thanks for reading. I’m off to help my love with our vents. Trying to fix them so our air works instead of heating under the house. Supposed to reach 100 this weekend and that is no fun with no air conditioner. I’ll get pics for the next post! Much love to everyone. Stay safe and drink lots of water if it’s hot around you. Remember to not keep kids and pets inside cars. Make sure they’re hydrated as well. 💗