So many thoughts are going through my mind – where will this blog take us? am I really sure I want to be taking this on? do I even have anything worth saying that others will want to read? how many topics are “OK” to include in one site? have I completely lost my mind?

I don’t honestly know that I have any answers for the above questions. I do know that I am on a journey and I feel that I have to get all that is going on inside of me out somehow and this is the avenue I decided to use. My hope is that stopping by here is beneficial for both of us. I don’t think I’m going to say anything really impactful, but it will be honest and from my heart.

My desire is to share what I’m learning on this crazy journey that we call life. As I right this I know there will be a few thing I touch base on: gardening, house remodeling, faith, health, essential oils, pets, adoption, family…life.

I do want this to be a positive, safe place where walls will come down, masks will be removed, and we’ll be faced with the naked honest truth as best I know it in the moment. Ready to join me?

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